Soil Stabilization

Omni Materials is one of the market leaders in stabilization of soil subgrades. Our technical knowledge of the chemical reactions, the vast array of products that can be offered and our network of Terminals, especially throughout the Midwest U.S. makes Omni Materials the best choice for your project.

Chemical Stabilization of soil subgrades is performed for a variety of reasons, from simple drying to achieve optimum moisture content, to modify soil plasticity, to perform a working platform for construction, or to provide a durable, engineered chemically stabilized road layer. Regardless of the end use, it is of critical importance to select the proper chemical reagent. Soil properties mandate the reagent choice.

Omni Materials has numerous products suitable for soil stabilization, soil modification or soil drying, including:

Lime Kiln Dust




Cement Kiln Dust

Let Omni Materials help you in choosing the best and most cost effective products for your project.

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